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Customer Database

Your customers are integral to your business.  You want them to be happy and not to be hampered by software.

View Invoices, Account Balance, Receive Payments, and more

Customers can view all documents, account balance, pay you, and even request an update of their details, all from an easy interface.
Your customers can view all documents, their entire history, account balance, from an easy to use interface. They can pay you with 2 easy clicks if you use one of our payment gateways. They can even request an update to their information, which you need to approve of course.

Customer Management

Client management is a breeze with our optimised layout, and at-a-glance interface.
Manage your clients easily and efficiently. View their balances, send them statements, emails, and much more, from a single page, with just a click or 2.

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Some of our Valued Customers

valued client Mecwind Alternative Energy (Pty) Ltd
Mecwind Alternative Energy (Pty) Ltd
valued client SLOANE MEAT MARKET
valued client Tshwarang Group (Pty) Ltd
Tshwarang Group (Pty) Ltd
valued client Umkhosi Business Solutions
Umkhosi Business Solutions
valued client Adventure Peaks
Adventure Peaks
valued client Glass and Allied Industries
Glass and Allied Industries
valued client PC All-A-All t/a CyberGalore
PC All-A-All t/a CyberGalore
valued client Seal Trading PTY
Seal Trading PTY
valued client Beyond Greening Environmental Services
Beyond Greening Environmental Services
valued client SA Security Brokerz (Pty) Ltd
SA Security Brokerz (Pty) Ltd
valued client LRB Computers
LRB Computers
valued client Sector 36 Technologies
Sector 36 Technologies
valued client Kingdom of God Embassy
Kingdom of God Embassy
valued client CrossRoads Pregnancy Help Centre
CrossRoads Pregnancy Help Centre
valued client Tiny Cuddles Photography
Tiny Cuddles Photography