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Some of our Valued Customers

valued client WirelessONE
valued client Testpro Laboratory
Testpro Laboratory
valued client Nogana Events and Decor
Nogana Events and Decor
valued client Printo Group
Printo Group
valued client Stories4Kids (Pty) Ltd t/a Storietyd
Stories4Kids (Pty) Ltd t/a Storietyd
valued client SKYFI Internet Solutions (PTY) Ltd
SKYFI Internet Solutions (PTY) Ltd
valued client Lowveld Lawn 2018
Lowveld Lawn 2018
valued client Konsortium Marketing (PTY)LTD
Konsortium Marketing (PTY)LTD
valued client Little Nutty Professors
Little Nutty Professors
valued client BD Maintenance
BD Maintenance
valued client Konsortium-merino
valued client Fliber (Pty) Ltd
Fliber (Pty) Ltd
valued client OrgChart Hosting Pty Ltd
OrgChart Hosting Pty Ltd
valued client Wiegel Waggel
Wiegel Waggel
valued client Telsense Technology Group
Telsense Technology Group