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Get Paid on Time

Cash flow & collecting money from your clients are two of the most difficult obstacles most small businesses frequently encounter.  It's one of those not often thought about processes that can sink any business.  We help you get paid on time, every time.

Debit Orders

Collection via debit order is one of the most reliable methods to settle client balances.  You & your clients can agree on a day of the month on which you can debit their bank account(s) to ensure you maintain a healthy business relationship.  We make the process as safe & reliable as possible.

Credit Cards

Some people don't like debit orders, and we provide you with sufficient means to process credit cards.


If you have an account with an EFT gateway, we provide the infrastructure to process payments via EFT directly from our system.  It's safe, quick, & easy.

Some of our Valued Customers

valued client Relebogile Contractors
Relebogile Contractors
valued client Firstweb Hosting & Design
Firstweb Hosting & Design
valued client dr.dermal
valued client LivingLifewithPetrolene
valued client Goju Ryu Karate Centre
Goju Ryu Karate Centre
valued client OrgChart Hosting Pty Ltd
OrgChart Hosting Pty Ltd
valued client Hannes Services (Pty) Ltd
Hannes Services (Pty) Ltd
valued client SKYFI Internet Solutions (PTY) Ltd
SKYFI Internet Solutions (PTY) Ltd
valued client Phesa Electrical & Networking (Pty) Ltd
Phesa Electrical & Networking (Pty) Ltd
valued client LRB Computers
LRB Computers
valued client Salvage Genie
Salvage Genie
valued client Sector 36 Technologies
Sector 36 Technologies
valued client All-N-One Facilities Services
All-N-One Facilities Services
valued client #DiGi3