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Some Testimonials

  • Impossible to run our businesses without IO

    IO is an integral part of our day to day business. It allows me complete control and overview functionality, while still enabling franchise owners to run their various franchises without interruption.

    At - a bookclub for Afrikaans children, with thousands of members - all our billing is automated, automated invoices, automated debit orders, automated payment allocation, and so forth. Administration would be an absolute nightmare without IO.

    We are suppliers of bulk educational products to schools, our reps in the field use IO for quotes, invoicing and managing debtors, directly from their smartphones / tablets.

    We are extremely satisfied with Invoices Online, and would certainly recommend that you try it out.

    Kobus Venter

  • Quick and efficient support

    Thanks its perfect.  Thanks for your prompt response and help.  Much appreciated.

    Gheez, you are really going out your way to help! Thanks.  Yes that is exactly what is needed, I fully understand the law as per below and agree. Thanks so much.

    Rudi Franz - Vaxolog (Pty) Ltd t/a Streamline Distributors

  • Support even on Sundays!

    Thanks Adriaan...

    You guys even work on Sundays?

    I’m impressed!!

    Johan Botha - Brand Xplosion

  • Saving time, saving money

    Thanks to Invoices Online, administration of our client accounts went from an absolute nightmare, to an exciting and pleasurable couple of hours every Friday.  The system just makes everything so quick and easy.

    Cornel Erasmus - TELA Loss Adjusters & Assessors

  • Wish I started ages ago!

    I just want to compliment you and your team for an amazing back office software.

    I have been struggling with a proper invoicing solution for six months now (to make time each month)

    I just wish I started using Invoices Online ages ago.

    Terri Winfield

  • Enjoying Invoices Online

    I have enjoyed using your system so much at *(business name removed), that I have decided to load my personal business onto it as well.

    I have upgraded to the Gold account in order to support you guys!

    Shaun Gartshore

  • One of the best decisions I've made for my business

    I've been searching for a reliable, easy-to-use, online invoicing system for my small business. After investigating various options, I came across InvoicesOnline and was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is a South African product. I decided to give it a try which turned out to be one of the best decisions I made for my business! It is user-friendly, reliable and saves me tons of time, time that I can now focus on growing my business. Their technical support is always just a phonecall or email away and I have piece of mind knowing that my accounting docs are safe and available when I need them.

    Anri van der Linde

  • Integrated Debit Order Solution

    We sell adsl bandwidth ranging from a single gig account, up to uncapped accounts. We use invoices online for all our invoicing needs - the invoices online API is integrated in our debit order system that runs on a monthly basis. All clients receive an invoice as soon as their account is debited, and on successful payment the payment is automatically recorded against their account. The system saves us a great deal of time and effort every month, and we recommend that you give it a try.

    Hugo van Sittert

  • Instantaneous, Nicely Designed, Graphical Invoices

    Selling backtracks and popular songs by South African artists in our online shop required an online invoicing system that sends instantaneous, nicely designed, graphical invoices in pdf format to clients that made realtime purchases on our site. provided us with the perfect solution, their API integration enabled our clients to view their invoices and account balance right in our site. We are very satisfied with

    Henry Venter

  • Fast, Accurate & Easy to Use

    Small Business Management System or SBMS, now rebranded as Invoices Online is an online invoicing system developed by the same guys that developed our site, we use it and honestly recommend it to all people who have dynamic sites, or want an online invoicing solution.  The invoicing application is fast, accurate, easy to use, and it really enhances the online experience of our clients.

    Jannie Schutte -