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Create a wordpress store with invoicesonline integration part 1

Welcome to our step by step tutorial on creating your very own online shop based on Wordpress, WooCommerce, & with Invoices Online integration.

Hosting & Installing Wordpress

The first thing you need is a PHP website host, if you need reliable hosting, we can assist with this - or you may want to sign up with any other provider that provides linux, php, & mysql hosting.  Don't worry about the technical details, just ensure they have those 3 things available to you.

Download Wordpress

  • After setting up your website with a host, you'll need to download Worpress from
  • Go to the folder where you downloaded wordpress, and extract it.
  • Next you'll need to upload the extracted files to your website host - you can use ftp for this, and there's a great free utility available called FileZilla - - Get the FileZilla Client from here, and install it.  After installation, use it to connect to your website with the details supplied to you by your hosting provider.  I recommend following the famous 5 minute setup instructions here:

In part 2 we'll help you set up & configure WooCommerce.

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