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Effectively manage your clients

With some of our businesses having over 10,000 clients on record, it is important to manage clients properly.

Proper Configuration

Under Settings -> Interface, you should set Client Selection to "Search by Typing" which will show a search box everywhere you need to select a client.  Once you reach around 150 clients, it becomes more efficient than displaying all clients in a dropdown select box.  You can type any part of the clients' name, email address, or id, to have matching clients displayed instantly.

Deleting or Unmarking Active

Clients that hasn't been issued any documents can be deleted.  As soon as a client has been issued something, he can no longer be deleted, as we allow clients to login and view all their generated documents.  Clients like these can be marked as inactive though by unchecking the Active checkbox when editing the client, or viewing the Clients page.  These inactive clients won't show up in searches or on any place where you need to select a client.

Restoring Active Status

Clients' active status can be restored from the Clients page.  First check the Include Inactive Clients checkbox at the top of the page, and then use the page as you normally would.

Some of our Valued Customers

valued client Multi CNC Solutions CC
Multi CNC Solutions CC
valued client #DiGi3
valued client QuickPay Payroll Solutions (PTY) Ltd.
QuickPay Payroll Solutions (PTY) Ltd.
valued client Konsortium-merino
valued client Goeters & Dinge
Goeters & Dinge
valued client SKYFI Internet Solutions (PTY) Ltd
SKYFI Internet Solutions (PTY) Ltd
valued client Flintbeck E.W.S
Flintbeck E.W.S
valued client SLMT Networking
SLMT Networking
valued client Turbofibre
valued client DRILL MASTERS
valued client Telsense Financial Services
Telsense Financial Services
valued client Nogana Events and Decor
Nogana Events and Decor
valued client Ext 2 Projects
Ext 2 Projects
valued client FJW Security Cc
FJW Security Cc
valued client Lowveld Lawn 2018
Lowveld Lawn 2018